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Art update September 2021

Allow me to introduce Mrs Moo! She is the fluffiest animal I have done to date, but such a cutie! My commission books are closed until further notice, if I do have slots available I will let you know!

Animal Reiki Achievement

Another achievement I am really proud of I self-studied this through the Centre of Excellence as a bit of background theory and understanding to my practice animals can benefit from the wonderful energy of Reiki too I will now be offering long-distance animal Reiki sessions alongside animal readings.  

Second Degree Reiki achievement

Another achievement I am extremely proud of – yesterday I achieved my Second-degree reiki training and attunement It was an absolute fantastic experience, I had a Eurasian Jaybird appear again – he turned up for my first-degree training too and Derek did say he hasn’t seen him since that day. He made several appearances throughout […]

Art Update April 2021

I am now going to be posting updates here on my website as well as my social media pages. Happy Sunday everyone! Just giving a quick update on what is going on. I have finished my latest dog commission, Burt I will be taking some time over the Spring/Summer (as my other job is at […]