I have been playing around with a few different mediums this time.
Here is my Luna Nugget, completed with watercolors and coloured pencils.
The idea for this one was inspired by her name and my love for flowers, I have placed her with the hibiscus flower called “Luna Rose” which would have been her name if we had not decided to call her nugget (that’s another story) The bright vibrant colours really reflect her personality, although she is looking slightly grumpy (she does get rather grumpy don’t get me wrong) she is actually a little, happy, cute and sweet bunny!
Here is Willow Dipper, completed using Pastels and Coloured Pencils on Pastelmat board.
Again the idea for this piece was inspired by her name, I surrounded her in a ring of willow. She is such a sweet girl, we just absolutely love her!

I had something slightly different on my drawing board for 2022. It is a mixed media painting, consisting of watercolour, pastel and coloured pencil.

This is a one-off piece – It’s my childhood home where my grandparents lived. I spent many many happy years here, it was always my safe place. I loved it!

My nan passed in 2018 and my grandad passed in 2020, so the house had to finally be sold.  I still had my house keys attached to my car keys and I just could not bring myself to remove them.

I wanted to keep them so I decided to do a drawing of the house to remind myself of all those happy times. I have incorporated the keys into the mount along with the lovely quote “A house is made of wood and stone but only love can make a home”

My original idea for this piece was watercolor and coloured pencils on pastelmat paper – in hindsight, I should have tried it out on a test piece before, but in my excitement, I just jumped straight in – lesson learned!

Clairefontaine does say you can use watercolor on their pastelmat paper to create backgrounds and they are correct, however, I quickly discovered they mean the whole background!
I tried to do just the sky and the paper was extremely absorbent which meant the colour would bleed into areas that had no water and where I didn’t want it to do, as you can see below.  So I had to abandon the watercolor idea very quickly!
No photo description available.
However all was not lost, I managed to save it using pastels I lifted out as much of the watercolour as I could that had run into the roof area and found that pastel covered over it but better than coloured pencil alone.
I must say I am enjoying doing something different and I am being forced to think outside the box


First of all, I would like to wish you all a Happy New year  🥂🍾
I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been part of this year.
For those of you who have commissioned drawings and booked – thank you so much.
Here is a collection of this year’s drawings, including the secret Christmas commissions

I have something slightly different on my drawing board this month, it is defiantly interesting and challenging (in a good way) Cannot wait to share it and tell you all about it!
So here is to 2022 🥂 and for the drawings to come …
My commission books are currently open for 2022!
Lots of love,
Allow me to introduce Mrs Moo!
She is the fluffiest animal I have done to date, but such a cutie! ❤️
My commission books are closed until further notice, if I do have slots available I will let you know!

Original – Medium: Coloured Pencil- Sold

🌟Another achievement I am really proud of 🌟🐶🐱🐰
I self-studied this through the Centre of Excellence as a bit of background theory and understanding to my practice ❤️ animals can benefit from the wonderful energy of Reiki too 🌈
I will now be offering long-distance animal Reiki sessions alongside animal readings.
🌟 Another achievement I am extremely proud of – yesterday I achieved my Second-degree reiki training and attunement ❤️
It was an absolute fantastic experience, I had a Eurasian Jaybird appear again – he turned up for my first-degree training too and Derek did say he hasn’t seen him since that day. He made several appearances throughout the day – we ended up calling him Wallace the Jay 🐦💜
Another bird appeared after my attunement, I am still unable to identify it but he was quite small but had the most beautiful orange chest I had ever seen with a dark royal blue/indigobody and blackish head, he also had a white stripe going through his tail but the most interesting part was he behaved like a hummingbird the way he was flying and hovering – it was truly magical to sit and watch
That’s not all, towards the end the woodpecker also made an appearance on the bird feeder, so close I could actually look him in the eye – a very rare thing for such a timid and shy bird.
I think it’s definitely safe to say my grandad my definitely with me yesterday and he made himself known! 💜😇🐦🦋
I work a lot with healing, I can’t wait to do more on both animals and humans! ❤️

I am so excited to announce that I passed my teacher training.

I am currently working on bringing you workshops and courses on psychic mediumship and personal development and this includes working with animals.

I will keep you updated as to when my courses and workshop will be available.


I am now going to be posting updates here on my website as well as my social media pages.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Just giving a quick update on what is going on.
I have finished my latest dog commission, Burt

Original – Medium: Graphite – Sold

I will be taking some time over the Spring/Summer (as my other job is at its busiest) to work on a couple of personal projects.
I have still taking bookings for commissions and I have a couple of beauties in the pipeline so if you would like to have a drawing done for a birthday/ Christmas please get in touch ASAP as my slots go get taken up.
Hope you are all safe and well.
Lots of love!