I had something slightly different on my drawing board for 2022. It is a mixed media painting, consisting of watercolour, pastel and coloured pencil.

This is a one-off piece – It’s my childhood home where my grandparents lived. I spent many many happy years here, it was always my safe place. I loved it!

My nan passed in 2018 and my grandad passed in 2020, so the house had to finally be sold.  I still had my house keys attached to my car keys and I just could not bring myself to remove them.

I wanted to keep them so I decided to do a drawing of the house to remind myself of all those happy times. I have incorporated the keys into the mount along with the lovely quote “A house is made of wood and stone but only love can make a home”

My original idea for this piece was watercolor and coloured pencils on pastelmat paper – in hindsight, I should have tried it out on a test piece before, but in my excitement, I just jumped straight in – lesson learned!

Clairefontaine does say you can use watercolor on their pastelmat paper to create backgrounds and they are correct, however, I quickly discovered they mean the whole background!
I tried to do just the sky and the paper was extremely absorbent which meant the colour would bleed into areas that had no water and where I didn’t want it to do, as you can see below.  So I had to abandon the watercolor idea very quickly!
No photo description available.
However all was not lost, I managed to save it using pastels I lifted out as much of the watercolour as I could that had run into the roof area and found that pastel covered over it but better than coloured pencil alone.
I must say I am enjoying doing something different and I am being forced to think outside the box


First of all, I would like to wish you all a Happy New year  🥂🍾
I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been part of this year.
For those of you who have commissioned drawings and booked – thank you so much.
Here is a collection of this year’s drawings, including the secret Christmas commissions

I have something slightly different on my drawing board this month, it is defiantly interesting and challenging (in a good way) Cannot wait to share it and tell you all about it!
So here is to 2022 🥂 and for the drawings to come …
My commission books are currently open for 2022!
Lots of love,
Allow me to introduce Mrs Moo!
She is the fluffiest animal I have done to date, but such a cutie! ❤️
My commission books are closed until further notice, if I do have slots available I will let you know!

Original – Medium: Coloured Pencil- Sold

I am now going to be posting updates here on my website as well as my social media pages.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Just giving a quick update on what is going on.
I have finished my latest dog commission, Burt

Original – Medium: Graphite – Sold

I will be taking some time over the Spring/Summer (as my other job is at its busiest) to work on a couple of personal projects.
I have still taking bookings for commissions and I have a couple of beauties in the pipeline so if you would like to have a drawing done for a birthday/ Christmas please get in touch ASAP as my slots go get taken up.
Hope you are all safe and well.
Lots of love!