🌟Another achievement I am really proud of 🌟🐶🐱🐰
I self-studied this through the Centre of Excellence as a bit of background theory and understanding to my practice ❤️ animals can benefit from the wonderful energy of Reiki too 🌈
I will now be offering long-distance animal Reiki sessions alongside animal readings.
🌟 Another achievement I am extremely proud of – yesterday I achieved my Second-degree reiki training and attunement ❤️
It was an absolute fantastic experience, I had a Eurasian Jaybird appear again – he turned up for my first-degree training too and Derek did say he hasn’t seen him since that day. He made several appearances throughout the day – we ended up calling him Wallace the Jay 🐦💜
Another bird appeared after my attunement, I am still unable to identify it but he was quite small but had the most beautiful orange chest I had ever seen with a dark royal blue/indigobody and blackish head, he also had a white stripe going through his tail but the most interesting part was he behaved like a hummingbird the way he was flying and hovering – it was truly magical to sit and watch
That’s not all, towards the end the woodpecker also made an appearance on the bird feeder, so close I could actually look him in the eye – a very rare thing for such a timid and shy bird.
I think it’s definitely safe to say my grandad my definitely with me yesterday and he made himself known! 💜😇🐦🦋
I work a lot with healing, I can’t wait to do more on both animals and humans! ❤️

I am so excited to announce that I passed my teacher training.

I am currently working on bringing you workshops and courses on psychic mediumship and personal development and this includes working with animals.

I will keep you updated as to when my courses and workshop will be available.